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It is often stated, ‘ what you reap is what you sow’, is it really accurate? Are you achieving the goals you aimed for? Body building can be tough, strenuous and time consuming. The results are not seen until you put in enough efforts for years, constantly.

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bodybuilding before and after resultsFor this very reason, we bring to you the basic tips to improve your body building goals, taking you steps ahead, one at a time, so you feel comfortable, the goals become achievable and one day, you get to flaunt your ultimate hot body!

Let’s get started with the basics. For starters, you need a set amount of time, commitment, consistency and motivation.

In order to gain rock solid muscles, you need to follow a set of workouts that improve your strength, endurance and help you minimize the fat and maximize the muscle.

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See below, follow and unleash the perfect body:

1. Set your Goals

weight loss goals

Setting goals is necessary. In order to flourish, you need to know where you are headed. If you start haphazardly, you will never know where to stop and eventually all the efforts will go to waste.

First tip: get a diary, phone, things-to-do list, whatever suits you. Create a list of goals you want to achieve.

For example:

  • Lose 50 pounds
  • Build triceps and abs
  • Wear size ‘Large’ shirts, etc

Once your goals are set, you are good to go.

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2. Say NO to Excuses

weight loss excuses

Excuses can divert you from your mission. It might be hard to comply in the beginning, but once a month passes, you will be much more committed.

Avoid excuses such as:

  • Meh! I’ll order a pizza because it’s my day off
  • Let’s skip gym today because I am too tired
  • Wow! I bet I can eat the whole chocolate box right now

Once you set your goals, no excuses are allowed.

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3. Diet Plan

weight loss diet plan

Body builders need a specific amount of food that helps maintain the energy levels, protein and sugar levels in the body. If you lack energy, it will wear you down once you pick up those dumbbells.

Check out the best diet plans online or consult your gym instructor for the adequate information.

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4. Body Building Supplements

bodybuilding supplements

Although there might be a zillion types of supplements available in the market, you need to choose the best for yourself. By best, I mean quality, quantity and price; basically ‘value for money’.

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If you are as confused as others, simply get your hands on Crazy Bulk body building supplements by ordering them online. Easy, right?

These body building supplements are produced from the finest quality, organic ingredients that help boost your workout routines by a mile, give you jolts of energy, help gain muscle mass, aid in a lean body structure and much more. How?

  • Fat Reduction:

The pills help you lose excess body fat so that you can enjoy a muscle built body.

  • Muscle Mass:

These supplements are designed to grow your muscle mass so that you can pump them up in the gym and gain hulk like muscle structure effortlessly.

  • Strength:

These super pills give you boosts of energy and strength like never before. Once you consume them, your weight training becomes way easier.

  • Stamina:

Your stamina improves dramatically. Whenever you go for cycling, swimming or running on the treadmill, you will notice an increase in stamina by witnessing how you can take your routine up a notch trouble free.

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Crazy Bulk Specialties:

Crazy Bulk supplements are one of a kind supplements like none other.

This brand takes pride in providing the safest supplements to the determined individuals so that they can turn their dreams into reality.


  • 100% Legal Steroids
  • Safe to use
  • Zero Side effects
  • No after effects
  • Zero withdrawal symptoms
  • No prescription needed
  • No need for injections
  • Pharmaceutical Excellence
  • 100% results guaranteed

This brand offers a variety of supplements in the shape of stacks. Each stack has its own incentives, benefits and qualities.

You can purchase any stack you desire and it will be delivered to you for free on your doorstep. The stacks include:

  1. The Cutting Stack
    Aids in burning all the excess fat to reveal the curvy body you always dreamed of.
  2. The Growth Stack
    This stack is an all-in-one combo that gets your strength up, energy levels fired up and muscle growth at double the amount.
  3. The Strength Stack
    This stack gives you added strength to aid in your workouts and lift offs.
  4. The Bulking Stack
    The name says it all! Bulk up those muscles and become rock solid in as less than a month!
  5. The Ultimate Stack
    If you want all, here’s the deal you’ve been waiting for. Get 5 different supplement bottles in the stack and improve all your angles for body building in a matter of months. If you want some serious show, this is your stack.

These supplements are necessary for a body building regime. If you skip these, consider working  out for a year without the desired results.

On the contrary, if you add these to your diet, consider dropping some jaws when you walk up those stairs within only a few months of commitment and hard work.

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5. Work out and Training

fitness workouts

While everything else is equally crucial, working out is important as well. Spend a significant amount of time in the gym to get close to your goal. Also Checkout:

Warming up: A 15 minutes warm up is important to keep the body healthy while exercising.

Training (Upper Section): Go for the Barbell Bench press, Barbell rows, Dumbbell presses while seated/ standing. Go for 15 reps, 3 times for best results.

Training( Lower Body): Leg curl ups, Leg press, Squats, crunches, barbell squats and running. 15 each, 3 sets.

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Final Verdict:

All these 5 essential tips will land you in your dreamland if you are determined enough. By adding Crazy Bulk to your routine, you can see faster and greater results!

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